Program [00-D] – Iceland

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Program [00-D] – Iceland
10/05/2016 – 26/05/2016
Last update : 21/04/2016

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The goal
How can you help us ?
     • Akureyri and West Coast


• These destinations will be used in our topic « Carnet de Voyage » (Travel book, new topic coming in summer) after Baltic Countries and the Åland Archipelago (realized in March and April 2016 with the help of Visit Tallinn, Live Riga and Visit Åland) and Faroe Islands realized beginning of May
          • Written articles. What to do ? Where to go ? When ? What to eat ? What is nice to see ? [Written in French]
          • Videos made about the same trip to complete the articles and give quick oversight to people who don’t want to read. [French videos with English subtitles*]

• The topic « Escale à … » (« Stopover in … » in English) shows one place every month. 
For Iceland, Myvatn, Akureyri, Thingvellir, Reykjavik has alreayd been written and published.

How can you help us ?

Everything you can give, offer or make for us is the best.
Some tips ?   VisitStockholm gave the Stockholm Card for two people for two days. Safartica made us a discount on a safari. VisitTallin gave us the TallinnCard for 24H, Visit Åland made free hotels, food and transportation for three days.

*Norwegian subtitles can be available on the website at the end of year.

Akureyri and west coast region

Schedule :
Arrival : 10/05/2016
arrival with ferry from Faroe Island in Seyðisfjörður.
Departure : 15/05/2016
from Akureyri  at the beginning of the day.

10/05 Arrival in Seydisfjordur
  Seydisfjordur –> Skalanes
  Seydisfjordur (night there)
11/05 Seydisfjordur –> Egilsstadir
  Egilsstadir –> Djupivogur
  Djupivogur –> Stödvafjordur
  Stödvafjordur –> Fraskrudsfjordur
  Fraskrudsfjordur –> Reydafjordur (night there)
12/05 Reydafjordur –> Litlanesfoss
  Litlanesfoss –> Hengifoss
  Hengifoss –> Vallanes
  Valantes (night there)
13/05 Vallanes –> Dettifoss
  Dettifoss –> Asbyrgi
  Asbyrgi –> Husavik
  Husavik (night there)
14/05 Husavik –> Myvatn
  Myvatn –> Godafoss
  Godafoss –> Akureyri
  Akureyri (night there)

We would like to get :
• Accommodation in Akureyri the 14/05 and/ or for an other place.
• Facilities to make our trip and reportage.
• Tips. Where to film and what ?
• Meet and interview someone who can talk about Iceland and their particular status.
• Meet a fisherman (Husavik), a farmer from Iceland or someone in Akureyri who can explain particularities.

Details :
Presentation of the region, the city Akureyri and principal villages. Film typical restaurants, places to enjoy the place, wonderful views. Mention of history, origin and language.

This trip will be use for :
• « Carnet de voyage » (Travel book) written articles and video attached*. [Publication Summer – Autumn 2016**]

* Video can only be realized with the help of tourism offices. It can also depend on unexpected event. At least the articles will ALWAYS be realized and published.
** Can be changed.



Schedule :
Arrival : #

Departure : #

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